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Maiestas Domini while the Archangel Michael Weighs the Souls, central panel from the triptych The Last Judgment, Hans Memling, ca. 1467-71

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God is at work in the mess. That’s the message of the Bible. That’s why the Bible is not pretty. That’s why it’s grimy, because God is working in the mess. He’s working in the tears.

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Math is cool, with it we can study and learn about the universe, but why does it work?
Find out here:

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Creative coding project by Jason Lin can convert text into 3D geometric drawings, turning writing into a visual grammar - video embedded below:

My latest Processing project!

… I came up with this idea because my last project used an excel sheet and received insane amounts of numbers and data.
This time I wanted to use a text file and receive insane amounts of words and letters and most importantly, punctuation!

I had seen pictures of “sentence maps” before where a line was created and it got longer with every word and made a turn every time the sentence ended. Colors would change with every character or some other factor.

Basically I wanted to take this idea and make it HUGE. I wanted an entire 3D explore-able environment.

The video explains what I chose to do for every single type of punctuation mark.

More at Jason’s art blog here

The project hasn’t been made available to the public yet, but at Jason’s Tumblr blog (obeserhino) you can send him suggestions to try out. [Link]



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